Blueback Trout 

 Maine’s Arctic Char

(Maine Blueback Trout-Salvelinus alpinus-Research-References)

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Maine’s Rare Blueback Trout

“Landlocked Arctic char are intolerant of environmental disturbance, and consequently many populations have become extinct due to either competition from human-introduced fish or human-induced environmental changes (reviewed in Kircheis 1989).

Maine is now the only region inthe United States that still has relict populations of the Laurentian lineage of Arctic char, which are found in 12 lakes scattered in three major watersheds.”

Source; Blueback Trout – Maine’s Arctic Char from: (Maine Blueback Trout-Salvelinus alpinus-Research-References):  Source: Microsatellite Gene Diversity Analysis in Landlocked, Arctic Char from Maine, LOUIS BERNATCHEZ*
De´partement de Biologie, Pavillon Vachon, Universite´ Laval, Sainte-Foy, Quebec G1K 7P4, Canada


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TABLE 1.-“Sample locations with their abbreviations, drainages of origin, areas, and sample sizes. Asterisks indicate populations not included in gene diversity analysis due to small sample size.” Also: Implications for Conservation and Management

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